Time does not exist when I paint. Painting is my home and my refuge. I am drawn to express myself by developing images from ideas in my mind. My inspiration comes from many sources; nature, other artists, and my life experiences. From these places I try to create something that is, I hope, a shared human experience of feeling and understanding. Yes, I have felt that before…..I have been there before.

I am interested in exploring the human condition; examining the feelings that we all experience, strength, fear, joy, grief, disappointment, etc. I am drawn to the human form and our relationship to nature. I want to investigate my affinity to the natural world.

My world is not a world of words but a world of images. It is my desire that the work I create is more than just a “pretty picture.” May the images I compose encourage one to stop and reflect on their own relationship with the world and those around them. I hope the viewer is taken from the reality of their world to a time and place in mine.

        Copyright © 2014 Robin Chaney